What’s wrong with New York?

A man has been arrested after video of him kicking a 78-year old woman in the face multiple times on the subway in the Bronx went viral.

Twitter was abuzz over the disturbing video with calls to catch the thug who repeatedly kicked the woman in the face and body. He just casually walked away and yelled, “Now Worldstar  that”. This was in reference to a website called ‘Worldstar Hip Hop’ that publishes shocking videos.

What’s also disturbing is that the people on the subway just stood by and filmed what happened. Unreal!

Thank goodness the man has been arrested! Someone who knows who he is turned him.

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A Yonkers man, Marc Gomez, has been charged with second degree assault, third degree assault and harassment. The age of the victim was taken into account when deciding the degree of charges. In other words, they threw the book at this guy…as they should.

The elderly woman was met by EMS at the next subway stop and received medical treatment.

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