I have worked as a poll challenger for the Republican Party at three different elections in Pontiac, MI at a polling place that holds three voter precincts. Every single election I have witnessed voter fraud. And every single time the Republican Party had enough evidence to pursue a lawsuit against the people involved, but walked away with their tail between their legs. Every single time I’ve worked at the polls in Pontiac, I have been threatened and/or intimidated by supervisors and election captains…Tonight was no exception. I was only at Precinct #21 for less than 10 minutes when a young voter walked in and handed over his license and application to vote. His license was scanned by the election worker and she informed him his name was not on the voter rolls. Instead of offering a “provisional ballot” (which is what they are supposed to do), the person scanning his license called a young girl down to her end of the table, who then proceeded to use a flip phone to call someone. There was no indication as to who she was calling. She was (supposedly) just calling to see if it was okay for him to vote. I’ve seen this happen before at the same polling place on a massive scale, I was not about to watch this happen again. I calmly walked outside and called the Republican Party legal hotline. As in previous elections, they claimed to be very disturbed about the potential voter fraud and said they’d get back to me. They  didn’t. When I walked back into the polling place I found a supervisor (who wasn’t there while I was watching the vote earlier). I approached her nicely and explained to her what I just witnessed. I told her that it was not okay to call anyone, (I was referring specifically the Pontiac City Clerk who has interjected herself into situations where we were calling out voter fraud in the past). She asked me, “Are you really going to tell me how to do my job?” I told her I wasn’t going to tell her how to do her job, but that I did expect everyone to be following the rules.


Next came the taco truck. A friend of a friend named Ian came to “back me up” in case I ran into a situation that almost turned very violent in past elections between Leisa (my 100% FED Up partner), me and the elections supervisor or workers. Ian informed me that there were people giving away free tacos for voting in the parking lot. I explained to him that it was my understanding that it was against the law to give a voter something for free in exchange for voting. Ian he agreed to go back out and ask them what he needed to do to get a free taco? They responded, “You just need to vote!” My friend Ian saw a “well-dressed” young man with a blue lanyard (Democrats wear blue lanyards to identify themselves in the polling places, and Republicans wear red) walking out of the back of the truck when he first approached it. The name of the business is Taco De Torete and is located just down the street from the polling place…(just in case anyone from the Republican Party or Secretary of State wants to investigate this case).

Here is the law from US Legal regarding the give away of free stuff as an enticement for someone to vote or to register to vote:

Election bribery is a criminal offense. The following is an example of a state statute describing election bribery:

Any person, who offers, gives, lends or promises to give or lend, or attempts to procure anything of value or any office or employment or any privilege or immunity to, or for, any elector, or to or for any other person, in order to induce any elector to:

Refrain from going to the polls.
Vote or refrain from voting.
Vote or refrain from voting for or against a particular person.
Vote or refrain from voting for or against a particular referendum; or on account of any elector having done any of the above.

The people in the parking lot in Pontiac had brazenly parked a truck in a parking lot where the majority of voters were parking. As a side note, an Oakland Co. Sheriff was parked outside the polling place doors for the entire time I was working as a poll challenger. According to my friend Ian, the women pictured below were offering FREE Obamaphones in the parking lot of the polling place. Ian decided to go into the parking lot and ask what he need to do to get a free Obamaphone. He was told he could only begin the discussion about how to go about getting a FREE Obamaphone if he met certain government assistance standards, like being in possession of an EBT card. According to Ian, the bag on the woman’s shoulder in the parking lot was filled with “Obamaphones”.

Obamaphone women

Ian told us as he was leaving, a man was actually making a Live feed Facebook shout out from the parking lot of the polling place to Pontiac residents, letting them know there was still time to come down and get your free tacos for voting! My friend actually joined him in the parking lot confirming that they were indeed giving away tacos for voting. Here’s the truck:


And here’s the video:


Here’s a Facebook post by Angela Powell letting people know they would get free tacos for voting in the very heavy Democrat city of Pontiac:


One of Hillary’s Field Organizers in Michigan actually advertised Free Tacos for anyone who registered to vote on his Facebook page on October 8th:


Whatever means necessary…it’s the Democrat way. And unfortunately, there isn’t anyone in the Republican Party who has the courage to call these people out and make them pay for the crimes they commit against everyone. 

It’s also worth mentioning that I have talked extensively to Mike Senyko, Chief of Staff to our Republican Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, about the unbelievable voter fraud we’ve witnessed at the two elections prior to this one at the same polling places. He never called me back and would not return my messages to him. While the Republican Party deserves plenty of blame for allowing this to happen, Ruth Johnson and her staff are also culpable for knowing this is going on and still allowing it to happen, without putting any safeguards in place.  




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