A Florida Democrat was caught on video making a sick joke about President Trump drowning. The Stronger Together crowd roared when Democrat Congressman Alcee Hastings told the joke. That’s what makes it even sicker!

“I will tell you one joke. Do you know the difference between a crisis and a catastrophe? A crisis is if Donald Trump falls into the Potomac River and can’t swim. And a catastrophe is anybody saves his ass.”

The YouTube video shows Hastings speaking at a Sunshine, Florida event for Stronger Together where he was discussing the comments from Maxine Waters about President Trump.

Hastings was called out on Twitter by the RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel:

Hastings is in the same league as Maxine Waters…dirty! He was impeached by Congress for extorting a bribe and is on record complaining that Congress doesn’t get paid enough.

His girlfriend get paid over $168K to work in his office….

These Congress Critters will never leave and will only continue to live off of the taxpayers and those who are dumb enough to vote for them.


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The #WalkAway campaign has been picking up steam with new and incredible videos of former Democrats who’ve walked away from the party to be Trump supporters. The video below caught our attention when James Woods tweeted it out with the comment:

“More eloquent in her way than some ivory tower elitist, this woman nails why ALL people are drawn to Trump. Warts and all.” – James Woods 


James Woods is so right! The video is on target and nails why people support our fearless and imperfect president. The best part is the clip of Trump during the debate where he gives it to Hillary and the Democrats. It’s such a great answer and so brutally honest as only President Trump can be. He calls out the Democrats for using the black community for votes and then walking away from them until four years later when they need those votes again. You can see Hillary squirming and seething because she knows he’s right on every point. It’s a great moment of clarity and truth you rarely see from a politician…It’s exactly why we love our president…”Warts and All”

“I watched the first debate. They asked him a question about black people and he answered this question like I’ve never heard anybody answer it.” – #WalkAway



A woman who participated in the Vietnam anti-war movement and the women’s movement became disillusioned with the Democrats and Obama so she walked away to vote for President Trump. She talks about how Obama was a divider and how the party became angry…So True!




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