Last week, a video of Fox News host Brett Baer rapping to The Sugar Hill Gang was shown on Fox to Baer’s embarrassment.

He said his wife was probably mortified that the video was shown on national TV.

We think it’s great but what’s even better is that The Daily Caller put the rap to a video of different politicans dancing. It’s even funnier now. Some of the politicians just can’t dance…it’s the definition of awkward.

We hope you enjoy both versions. One with the awkward politicans and the other of a solo Brett Baer rapping.

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The full video with Baer rapping is great! He’s at an event with The Sugar Hill Gang and raps the entire song.

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This is proof politicians can’t dance! Hello Hillary!


Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin were in attendance at $100 million in India but we had no idea that John Kerry was there too.

Watch the video below of the awkward dancing between the two at the festivities in India:

Hillary is the awkward one on the right. John Kerry isn’t much better.

Puppets dancing for an Indian billionaire…


Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin took India by storm…sort of.

They attended the pre-wedding festivities and then the wedding of the daughter of the richest man in India who happens to be a Clinton Foundation donor. So you’d think Hillary would step up her game.

Well, she didn’t do anything spectacular or even new. She wore a rechurned tent-like dress she was pictured in last summer. To top it off, she added a straw visor/hat to the getup she wore to a pre-wedding function. Remember that the former first lady is amongst dignitaries from all over the world who were invited to the wedding and here’s Hillary looking like a bag lady.

Gateway Pundit reports:

Isha Ambani, the daughter of India’s wealthiest man is getting married to Anand Priamal, the son of an Indian billionaire and the week-long wedding reportedly cost $100 million.

The odd thing is there is a video of Hillary walking and it looks like she is limping. Take a look. What do you think?

Very strange…

There’s an entire video celebrating Clinton’s attendance at the celebration…She came for the goody bag filled with cash.

The local media claimed they served steaks for Hillary:

It’s a shame she was representing the US as a former first lady.

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