Hey America…Are you ready for a leader who says,”NO” to unvetted refugees? 


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has recently admitted that terrorists have managed to infiltrate Europe by passing themselves off as refugees. She said that “in part, the refugee flow was even used to smuggle terrorists.”

This comes as no surprise to those critics of Europe’s massive influx of Muslim immigrants. Indeed, upon hearing the news, many are no doubt jumping out of their seats yelling, “we told you so!”

Just this last May, Neue Osnabrücke Zeitung, a German news source, reported that Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has received 369 tip-offs on possible links between refugees and Muslim extremists. German police announced that at least forty asylum seekers were being investigated for alleged terrorism links. It was reported that Germany’s spy chief, Hans Georg Maassen, said that Germany’s domestic intelligence agency had obtained “strong evidence that… 17 people have arrived under Islamic State instructions.” [Emphasis added.] Furthermore, last month, German authorities announced that 499 Islamists were under surveillance, ostensibly because there is credible evidence that they pose a threat. It is not clear if this figure also includes homegrown Islamists.

So we now know for certain that some Islamist terrorists have taken advantage of the massive influx of refugees and have successfully infiltrated Europe — and on ISIS’ orders. Furthermore, there are undoubtedly even more pending investigations, and it is certain that many Islamist terrorist cells with refugee connections are operating within Europe as of this writing.

The largely Muslim migrants have brought no shortage of problems with them: there have been refugee-caused sexual assaults across European cities, increased radicalization of Muslim circles, a lack of assimilation, persecution of Christian migrants, etc. These problems serve to exasperate the assimilation problems that already plague many second-generation Europeans whose parents are from Muslim-majority countries. Given that European birthrates are generally below replacement levels, and that the massive influx of immigrants is, although stemmed in some quarters, still occurring, these problems will unfortunately only become more acute as time goes by. The late Libyan President Mu’amar al-Gaddafi once said, alluding to Muslim immigration to Europe, that the Islamization of Europe would happen without the need for the sword. But he surely didn’t expect it would happen as fast as we are witnessing now.

Since the vast majority of the refugees are Muslims whose culture clashes with native European ones on several well-known fronts, this influx has naturally resulted in growing anti-Islamic sentiment in Europe. It is reported that nationalist and rightist groups are gaining ascendency With the increase in the number of Islamic terrorist acts happening all around the world, including in the heart of the European Union, Europeans certainly have a right to be worried any encroaching Islamism.

Via: Counter Jihad

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