A woman is currently undergoing  examination after trying to open the airplane door inflight. Heroic passengers can be seen on the video below trying to restrain her. An observant passenger found something odd about the woman and her companion from the beginning of the flight. Thank goodness zip ties are available for use to restrain passengers like this woman.

What’s going on with the rise in incidents on airplanes these days? It’s also being reported by Fox News that a man stripped naked, watched porn and attacked airline crew on a flight:

On YET ANOTHER recent flight, a man became aggressive and had to be restrained by passengers and crew(video below).


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United Express passengers traveling from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho were in for a fright on March 5, when a middle-aged female passenger flying first class had a bizarre outburst and tried to open the emergency exit door halfway through the trip, Idaho Statesmen reports.

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“I want to die! Get me off this plane!” the woman reportedly yelled, before running for the exit, passengers told KBOI.

Fellow passenger Scott T. Smith, who was seated behind the woman and her apparent traveling companion, described the pair as “apprehensive” from the moment they sat down.

“She wasn’t acting right, or normal, from the very beginning. I read it as: One of them is trying to get over the fear of flying … I could tell that one or both were uneasy with flying” he said.

Smith added that he heard the woman rambling phrases such as “God has all the data,” and “I don’t have any data,” as well as “We landed in Boise 15 minutes ago,” and “For three years.”

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