CDC: 31% Increase in mental health emergencies among teenagers due to remote learning

Remote learning during COVID-19 had a deeply negative impact on the state of mind of teenage students. The Center for Disease Control’s new study examined the mental health of teens age 12-17 from January 2021 to June 2021 and determined that, compared to 2019, there was a 31% increase in mental health related emergency room visits among the demographic.

From The Epoch Times:

Overall, 37.1 percent of students experienced bouts of poor mental health during the pandemic, and 31.1 percent experienced poor mental health during the preceding 30 days. During the 12 months before the survey, 44.2 percent experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, 19.9 percent had seriously considered attempting suicide, and 9.0 percent had attempted suicide.

“The prevalence of poor mental health and suicidality was high across students of all sex, sexual identity, and racial and ethnic groups; however, poor mental health, persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors were less prevalent among those who felt close to persons at school and were virtually connected with others during the pandemic,” the study noted.

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The more connected that a student felt to those at school, the lower the risk of suicidality and mental breaks they experienced. There was a near 17 percentage point gap in negative mental health between students who still felt connected t o their peers and those who didn’t.

Additionally, substance abuse was higher in 1 in 3 students during the pandemic than before, which the CDC links to social isolation, food insecurity, and boredom associated with being deprived of the school experience.

Between January 2021 and June 2021, 31.6 percent of high school students reported current use of any tobacco product, alcohol, or marijuana or current misuse of prescription opioids.

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Another negative factor stemming from remote learning was a nationwide drop in grade averages among students, as teenagers felt not only socially left behind but also academically.

The CDC is finally admitting that their recommended policies, in this case remote learning, decimated the mental health and well being of an entire generation. The policies which teachers and the CDC fought so hard for caused sincere damage to impressionable teenagers, whose grades and mental health slipped as their substance abuse climbed.

Fauci, the CDC, and Democrats nationwide did this to your teenagers, and they are just now coming around to admit what was obvious to the rest of us.

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