The CDC has cut its recommended quarantine period in half for those who test positive for COVID. Now, instead of a 10-day quarantine period, you only need to isolate for 5 days if showing no symptoms.

In a statement, the CDC reports their new guidelines and writes, “Given what we currently know about COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, CDC is shortening the recommended time for isolation from 10 days for people with COVID-19 to 5 days… The change is motivated by science.”

As the CDC states, this change is based on what is known about the Omicron variant, which is that it presents very mild symptoms and mimics a simple cold. Unfortunately, this announcement comes after Christmas and likely prevented many families from being able to gather this season. It’s a shame they couldn’t have taken the knowledge they have had for a long time and publicized their recommendations in a more timely fashion.

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