***WARNING***Disturbing Video

It seems this is happening too often on cruise ships and the natural instinct is to make reason of why someone would do this. The common thread is alcohol and arguments that are fueled by drinking. This particular incident was due to an alcohol infused argument and possibly just a cry for help. It appears as though the guy who jumped might have wanted to be saved after landing on the lifeboat. He was reaching and slipped. The coast guard is still looking for him but it’ll be a miracle if he’s found alive!

Coast Guard crews are leading a desperate search for a man who jumped from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the Bahamas early Friday morning.

Cell phone video shows the man clinging to a lifeboat before falling out of sight into the ocean below.

People can be heard screaming for someone to throw a life preserver in the water before the video cuts out.

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The man is reportedly a 35-year-old and a Brazilian citizen who’d been involved in a domestic dispute.
He apparently jumped from the seventh deck and landed on the life raft, hanging there for a short while, before falling into the water.

A Reddit user who said his parents were on the cruise said that the ship was brought to a dead halt pending the investigation, and returned to Florida.

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The user said that according to rumors, “family fighting and alcohol were involved.”

Via: FOX News

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