Other than to get government money, why does Catholic Charities help seed the USA with Islamic colonists? Anyone who hasn’t been asleep for the past 1,400 years knows that once they have the numbers, Muslims will eradicate Christians.

Unfortunately, this excellent billboard has been removed:

A billboard that targeted Catholic Charities for resettling Muslim refugees was taken down Wednesday, just days after it was installed in St. Joseph Township in Stearns County.

The sign, which read “Catholic Charities Resettles Islamists: EVIL or INSANITY?” was apparently paid for by an individual who hired Franklin Outdoor Advertising to post it along a highway a few miles west of St. Cloud, where Somali immigrants have been targeted by anti-Muslim groups.

That is to say, where the native population has expressed dismay over government attempts to reduce the state of Minnesota to a Somali colony — which already has been nearly accomplished in Minneapolis.

A spokesman for Catholic Charities in St. Cloud said the office reached out to the advertising firm after an employee spotted the billboard to notify the firm that the office isn’t involved with refugee resettlements.

Franklin Outdoor agreed to remove the sign due to the inaccuracy, said Steve Bresnahan, the executive director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of St. Cloud.


Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, a separate organization from the St. Cloud office, does resettle refugees, including Muslims, said a spokeswoman. The office resettles some 300 refugees a year, primarily from Myanmar and Somalia.

Look closely at the financial interests within the immigration fraud, and refugee resettlement efforts worth billions to various Catholic organizations:



LINK TO ENTIRE CHART: NOTE This is only two months of 2016

In case you’re interested:

The Refugee Act of 1980 presumably required the Office of Refugee Resettlement to begin reporting to Congress annually. The first table I looked at lumped all numbers from 1983-1993. In those 10 years, 4413 Somalis were admitted as refugees.

Then here we go:

1983-93: 4,413

1994: 3,508

1995: 2,524

1996: 6,440

1997: 4,948

1998: 2,952

1999: 4,321

2000: 6,002

2001: 4,940

2002: 242 (Guesses why this is so low? 9/11 freaked everyone out!)

2003: 1,708

O.K. so in 2003 we had admitted a total of 42,017 Somalis to the US. In those 20 years each Somali family was having on average 6 children.

Continuing (are you sitting down?):


2004: 12,814

2005: 10,101

2006: 10,330

2007: 6,958

2008: 2,523

2009: 4,189 (on the rise again even though family reunification is suspended still!)

2010: 4,884

2011: 3,161

2012: 4,921

2013: 7,600

2014: 9,000

2015: 8,858

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