CNN is still dealing with the fallout from its employees and liberal viewers for daring to give Trump a platform this week at a town hall.

After the town hall, where Trump ran laps around CNN moderator Kaitlan Collins on issues ranging from the President’s supposed complicity for the unrest at the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally to the war in Ukraine, Twitter was littered with angry liberals who claimed that they would never watch CNN again.

The audience, which mostly consisted of New Hampshire moderate voters, cheered Trump on throughout the night.

CNN anchors went in to full damage control mode within minutes of the town hall being prematurely cut off, with one anchor saying that voters laughing at Trump’s jokes is the most ‘disgusting’ thing he’s seen since January 6th.

After left-wing hack Oliver Darcy criticized his own network for hosting Trump, saying that it is “hard to see how America was served by the spectacle of lies that aired on CNN Wednesday evening” CNN CEO Chris Licht summoned him to a private meeting.

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He reportedly ‘put the fear of god’ in to Darcy and said that his reporting on the CNN-Trump town hall was too emotional and not objective enough.

Licht is attempting to spearhead an overhaul of CNN that makes it more moderate and appealing to the median voter, rather than just hard liberals.

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FOX News Reports

CNN’s left-wing media reporter Oliver Darcy was scolded by his boss Chris Licht over his “emotional” coverage of the network’s Wednesday town hall with former President Trump.

Fox News Digital confirmed that Darcy was summoned for a meeting with Licht and other top CNN executives, who took exception to the overzealous framing of the fallout the network has received, particularly from liberals.

Darcy appeared to join the choir of CNN criticism in his “Reliable Sources” newsletter Wednesday night after the town hall.

“It can’t be based on emotion, it’s got to be based on fact,” a source familiar with Licht’s thinking told Fox News Digital about Darcy’s reporting.

The source said Licht received a “ton” of messages from CNN staffers appalled by Darcy’s newsletter

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