Mitt Romney coyly admitted during an interview with Ashley Feinberg of Slate that he has a twitter account that is not in his name. When asked by McKay Coppins of the Atlantic, if he, in fact, has the account, Romney confirmed with a cheeky response: “C’est Moi.”

By exposing the fake Twitter account called ‘Pierre Delecto’, Romney has shown himself to be even more childish and vindictive than previously thought. He now has the Twitter account locked down to be private but not before reporters could check out the account:

Romney did on this fake account what would be expected…he stood up for himself against those who criticized him:

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He is outwardly anti-Trump and supported those who are anti-Trump. Is anyone surprised?

It’s pathetic that Romney doesn’t have the kahunas to come out and defend himself but uses a fake Twitter account to criticize Trump and build himself up.



A total loser!

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