On Monday, at least 53 people were found dead in the trailer of an 18-wheeler in an attempted human smuggling operation from the southern border.

The incident has reignited a debate over the Biden administration’s immigration policies.  Biden just passed the necessary hurdles to lift the “Remain in Mexico” policy, which kept hundreds of thousands of immigrants at the border while their asylum claims were being processed.

A nearly unprecedented number of illegal immigrants crossed the border in Fiscal Year 2021, a major upsurge from 2020 when Trump was still president.

Just days after the mass death incident that occured on Monday, another four immigrants reportedly died as part of a human smuggling operation in Texas.

Breitbart Reports

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“For the second time in less than 24 hours, migrants are dead following a crash as smugglers attempted to avoid arrest. Texas Department of Public Safety officials report that four migrants died and two others are in critical condition when a Jeep driven by a suspected human smuggler crashed into a tractor-trailer while fleeing from law enforcement. Officials report the driver is in critical condition (brain dead).

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Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez told Breitbart Texas that a Border Patrol agent attempted to stop a suspected human smuggler near Encinal, Texas, on Thursday morning. The driver failed to yield leading to a law enforcement pursuit.

Olivarez said the pursuit ended when the driver of the white Jeep crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer. It is not known at this time if Border Patrol continued the pursuit or if another agency took over prior to the crash. Breitbart Texas reached out to Laredo Sector Border Patrol officials for additional information. The agency confirmed Border Patrol agents engaged in the traffic stop.”

Immigration experts say that Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are largely to blame for the current immigration crisis “Mayorkas has eviscerated our interior immigration enforcement apparatus—meaning that once an illegal alien enters our country, they become virtually impossible to remove,” said Matthew Tragesser at the Federation for American Immigration Reform

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