Chaos broke out after legal Americans and illegal aliens clashed at a town hall in California:

The Los Angeles Times put their spin on what happened to make it seem as though “Trump supporters” were the trouble. They downplayed the Antifa anarchist in attendance and other pro-illegal people. It just didn’t fit their narrative…

One of the other issues not addressed in the LA Times article is that these town halls have reportedly been used to teach illegals how to escape deportation and how to “work the system”: “Anti-illegal protesters aka American tax payers have characterized it as teaching people who are in the country illegally how to avoid deportation and get federal benefits. Federal benefits and rights? They have no rights and shouldn’t be getting ANY federal benefits! Notice how they call the illegal aliens “immigrants”…

Congressman Holds Town Hall to “Explain” (Illegal) Immigrants’ Rights:

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The majority of calls into Rep. Lou Correa’s Orange County congressional office are about immigration worries and what the Trump administration’s enforcement policies mean for Correa’s many Latino constituents.

“There’s a lot of fear in my district.” he said.

So the freshman Democrat has held seven town halls, all focused on immigration and explaining immigrants’ rights. They’ve been peaceful, with representatives from groups such as the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) and the Mexican Consulate invited to help Correa answer questions.

But as the crowd of about 100 people gathered at Santa Ana’s Delphi Center on Tuesday evening, Correa knew this time would be different.

“We had some people there, probably a dozen of them, that immediately had signs that were not complimentary to yours truly,” he said.

Two women arguing about immigration issues had already gotten into an altercation outside the town hall. They were cited for assault and battery, and barred by police from going inside.

Correa told the crowd inside he would give a short presentation about immigration policy coming out of Washington, and then have a question-and-answer session.

About a dozen people were having none of it. Some of the most tense moments came when Correa started talking about green card holders who served in the U.S. military and have since been deported.

“Ma’am, I’m trying to be courteous here,” he said as a woman kept speaking over him.

“As soon as I started speaking, it became very clear they were not going to let me speak,” Correa said Wednesday. “They just got louder and louder.”

Video of the town hall posted on social media shows people in the crowd yelling “Americans first” and “illegals have no rights.”

Correa repeatedly asks them to let him speak. “Are you guys going to cooperate, or am I going to have to ask you to leave?” he said.

About 15 minutes in, as some in the crowd continued to shout and their attention turned to berating a group of counter-protesters, Correa declared the meeting over.

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