The transformation of so many cities across Europe with the invasion of Muslim “refugees” is heartbreaking. The leaders are doing everything they can to hide and spin the destruction and violence that’s been happening. The press describes the rioting Muslims as “youth”. Europeans already believe the Muslims are not a good thing for them but the fact that the chaos created by them mustn’t get out:

New research has revealed that a majority of Europeans believe that economic migrants “burden their country by taking jobs, housing, health etc” – with 59 per cent expressing the opinion to the Orb International research group.

Belgium experienced a horrific New Years Eve full of violence and destruction compliments of the Muslim “refugees”:

Belgian blog sites are reporting on mayhem in Brussels in New Year’s Eve (where they cancelled New Year’s celebrations entirely in a vain attempt to avoid Muslim violence). The stories are being buried/spun by media -despite their magnitude- because the EU, MSM, and Belgian government feel a persistent need to lie to their people about the reckless Islamic invasion they’ve brought upon Europe…

Violent scum described as ‘Belgian youths’ (by any site that dared report it) pushed a small car down the steps of a Brussels subway station as terrified (actual) Belgians on the escalator alongside watched it roll-on-by… nobody was hurt, but ironically it was some liberal’s electric car:

Nearby, (perhaps the same) hoods actually blew-up a Christmas tree, but these ‘Belgian youths’ were also Moroccan in appearance and shouted ‘Alahhu Akbar’ as they departed the scene of the crime… a tradition with drunken Belgian youths, apparently.

On top of all that 804 cars burned throughout the city -and throughout the night- in the style of the Paris Muslim riots– causing millions of dollars of damage.

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