During a segment on TNT’s “Tip-Off,” Charles Barkley and co-hosts of the sports show got into a discussion about defunding the police.

The segment starts with former NBA giant Shaquille O’Neal, who is a police reserve officer in South Florida.

“You know, I hear these fools on TV talking about “defund the police,” and things like that. We need police reform and prison reform and things like that. Because you know who ain’t gonna defund the white neighborhoods, and rich neighborhoods?” Barkley asks.

As usual, the former NBA star who is known for his quick wit, put a hilarious point on his question, “I’m like—wait a minute, who are black people supposed to call—ghostbusters—when we have crime in our neighborhoods?”

Barkley ignores rich black people like himself, as he explains that rich white people are always gonna have cops, “White people—especially rich white people—they’re always gonna have cops,” adding, “So we need to stop the ‘defund or abolish the cops’ crap!”

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TNT Tip-Off co-host Shaquille O’Neal recently revealed what he told his sons to say to the police if they ever have to have an interaction with them, and it includes diffusing the situation.

Desert News- O’Neal recently appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to talk about the nationwide protests, which began around the death of George Floyd. Since then, the protests have focused on police brutality, systemic racism, and racial injustice, according to People magazine.

O’Neal said he talks with his children all the time about potential interactions with cops. He said he gave his youngsters some advice, too.

O’Neal said: “I told them, ‘First of all, you have to try to diffuse the situation or show respect. If you have to understand that these people are also out here to do all their jobs. So you try to diffuse the situation. If it happens to get rough, don’t say anything, don’t do anything, just comply.’”

O’Neal added: “‘And then when all is said and done, you call me, and if stuff gets out of hand, then I will handle it. I will be the one to come around and act crazy. I don’t want you to act crazy while you’re out there by yourself.’ So I just try to tell them, just comply, just listen, but a lot of times that doesn’t work either.”

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