I love this guy! He’s spoken out against the Obama administration before but this time he’s letting it rip!

“Time is running out for you Mr. President and the horrible thing about it is that time is running out for America too.”

Charlie Daniels critiqued President Barack Obama’s policy in his second open letter to the commander-in-chief published on the band’s website on Monday.

Daniels has actively discussed Obama’s executive decisions and liberal policies in his “soapbox” blog open to all his fans.

In his most recent post, Daniels pushed the president to evaluate his policy decisions and to take responsibility for his mistakes.

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“Your petulance is unbecoming, Mr. President, and your criticism of anyone who disagrees with you is downright unmanly,” Daniels wrote. “You come off like a spoiled child who has been denied his way. And while you blame your shortcomings on opposing political parties, you have had both houses of Congress and the White House in the first two years of your term. Plus an electoral mandate to do just about anything you wanted to, so the least you can do is cowboy up and take the blame for the messes you’ve made.”

Daniels letter addressed many of the president’s ideals, including his support of teacher’s unions, his lack of action for Israel, and his stance on same-sex marriage.

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When Obama won his second term, Daniels wrote his first open letter to the president in which he laid out seven principles to be a president of the people.

Daniels writes weekly about modern political issues, and often ends his posts with prayers for the troops and peace for Jerusalem.

“You’re running out of diversions Mr. President, sleight of hand political policies eventually stop working and lies finally float to the top of water,” Daniels wrote. “Time is running out for you Mr. President and the horrible thing about it is that time is running out for America too.”

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