At least two people are dead, three are clinging to their lives, after a night of chaos that included hit and runs, multiple shooters and rescue workers being attacked by people in West Charlotte, NC, celebrating “Juneteenth weekend,” a new phrase recently coined by the media that identifies extended celebrations of Juneteenth that takes place on June 19th. Juneteenth, or “Liberation Day,” is a day to commemorate the emancipation of slaves in the United States.

CBS News reports – The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said it all started with a call about a pedestrian being hit by a vehicle.

When officers arrived, there were hundreds of people at the scene, where what police called an “impromptu block party” was being held, culminating Juneteenth weekend celebrations. Photos showed bunches of balloons on the ground.

Suddenly, shots went off, according to police. Nine people were hit, and two of them were confirmed dead. The other seven were brought to hospitals. Police added that there were signs of multiple shooters.

Then, five people trying to flee the scene were hit by vehicles, police said. They said they think one person hit by a vehicle was one of the gunshot victims who died.

Watch the stunning Facebook video here showing shots ringing out at the ambulances arrived:

Ann Wyatt Little of Fox 46 spoke with witnesses at the scene who said the scene was absolute chaos.

Councilman Marcum Graham described the crime scene as a war zone.

In his press conference this morning, West Charlotte Deputy Chief Gerald Smith implored witnesses to come forward, saying at least three people are still clinging to their lives. Smith explained that the event started when a group of unorganized individuals marched through the neighborhood celebrating Juneteenth. The group continued through the weekend, and between 10 pm- 11 pm last night, the crowd swelled from 200 to an estimated 400 people.  The violence started when one of the participants at the impromptu party struck a female with their vehicle and then fled the scene. Shortly after the hit and run, multiple shots rang out, and several people at the party were shot. Multiple ambulances, firefighters and police were called to the scene. As officers tried to secure the scene, shots rang out. People attending the party jumped on the backs of firefighters who were trying to help the wounded victims.

A reporter asked Police Chief Smith if people were “afraid” of the police who came in to help secure the scene, Chief Smith snapped back, “I would say that if someone was in fear because of the officer trying to take control of the scene, they should ask the people who were laying there bleeding, how much in fear they were.”

Questions from reporters became increasingly insane as they asked if the residents want the police to help and if any of the police officers would be fired for using their weapons?

Medics told WBTV five, possibly six people had life-threatening wounds or injuries.

No suspects were in custody.

One of the people attending the Juneteenth celebration in West Charlotte referred to the get together to it as a “festival.” He also expressed his disappointment over the mass violence on Father’s Day.

Later, several media members were pushed or hit, and cameras were knocked over, WBTV reported. Police tried to calm things down.

One WBTV reporter described it all as a “very hectic scene.”

There were more than 20 CMPD vehicles there as well as multiple medics and fire units.

Emotions ran high as family members began arriving, WBTV observed.

Witnesses said the Juneteenth celebrations were peaceful. Some people told WBTV they saw drivers speeding and doing donuts in the road, even street racing. Police didn’t confirm any connection to street racing.

So far, there have been no BLM marches planned to protest the unnecessary violence that led to serious injuries and the lives that were lost at the “Juneteenth weekend” celebration.

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