A shooting victim in Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP now wants to sue the police for not showing up fast enough for him. Wait a minute. The police aren’t supposed to be allowed into the autonomous zone.

There were barricades up in Seattle’s CHAZ, so when the police officers were finally escorted in, the people of CHAZ harassed them.

Does this gunshot victim not understand what the word “autonomous” means?

This guy should sue the mayor and governor of his state for allowing this insanity:

A longer version with an update:



Maybe the man could sue the “Warlord” of CHAZ:

The ‘Warlord’ of CHAZ/CHOP filmed himself asking for help from Seattle medics and is shocked when the medics refuse to attend to a gunshot victim in the ‘Autonomous Zone.’

Perhaps Raz the ‘Warlord’ doesn’t understand that autonomous means you’re on your own and need to set up your own services. This is what these people want, right?

Monica Crowley retweeted a tweet from Raz:

Who can blame the EMT’s? They would have to have police officers to help try and get into this zone, risking their own lives.

The truth is that it was nearly impossible to get to any victim in CHAZ:

This Seattle Rapper is causing chaos and anarchy while trying to profit off of his rap and videos…He’s in it for fame and glory:

Raz is selling merchandise and his music – It’s all about Raz:


People are being led by a two-bit grifting rapper. Pathetic.


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