Every household should have at least one truck, or at the very least, know a close friend or family member with one.

You never know when you’ll need to transport a couch, bring an old washing machine to the dump, pick up some firewood, or carry a  message of facts and truth.

This guy may not be a mailman, but he most certainly is a message carrier:

Not everyone is engaged in politics, some simply refused to get involved. What better way to educate people than to bring the facts right to them?

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“Hunter (crack head) Biden selling watercolor art for hundreds of thousands of dollars and Joe (sh*t b*g) Biden is using the White House to hide buyers names. Another Biden money laundering operation.”

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Bumper stickers make cars look cheap, but this here is educational art!

The enormous flag in the bed of the vehicle, along with the Trump sticker is a nice way to let other drivers in and around Albuquerque, NM, know that this truck is driven by an American-loving patriot!




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