Every household should have at least one truck, or at the very least, know a close friend or family member with one.

You never know when you’ll need to transport a couch, bring an old washing machine to the dump, pick up some firewood, or carry a  message of facts and truth.

This guy may not be a mailman, but he most certainly is a message carrier:

Not everyone is engaged in politics, some simply refused to get involved. What better way to educate people than to bring the facts right to them?

“Hunter (crack head) Biden selling watercolor art for hundreds of thousands of dollars and Joe (sh*t b*g) Biden is using the White House to hide buyers names. Another Biden money laundering operation.”

Bumper stickers make cars look cheap, but this here is educational art!

The enormous flag in the bed of the vehicle, along with the Trump sticker is a nice way to let other drivers in and around Albuquerque, NM, know that this truck is driven by an American-loving patriot!




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