Watch what happens when Laura Loomer asks Chelsea Clinton to sign a copy of her book, “She Persisted” for her friend, Juanita Broaddrick: “Because this book’s for everyone, including women who have wanted to speak up but have been told to quiet down, can you sign it for a my friend Juanita Broaddrick? Because she’s been silenced by your parents, especially Bill Clinton, who’s a rapist. Can you sign it for her?”

The funny thing is that Chelsea was just offered a cool one million dollars to take a DNA test to prove her REAL dad is Webster Hubbell:
Jones made the offer on the Wednesday edition of the Alex Jones Show while previewing an upcoming video showing Chelsea being confronted on her father’s alleged rape of Juanita Broaddrick.
“We also have a woman confronting Chelsea Clinton who is now the spitting image of Webster Hubbell, no doubt,” Jones said.

“In fact I’ll offer Chelsea Clinton $1 million to the charity of her choice – where she’s looted billions out of Haiti and other places so she doesn’t care – a million dollars to the charity of her choice to have a third-party group do a maternity or a paternity test on her – and you know she’s Webster Hubbell.”
“I mean you look at this new video we’re gonna play when we come back, it is Webster Hubbell… I mean it’s Webster Hubbell. Those are some strong genes. I mean that is daddy’s little girl right there. That is daddy’s girl. That ain’t Bill Clinton’s girl, that’s daddy’s girl right there. I mean I’ve never seen somebody with such a spitting image of their daddy.”

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