Just to show you how ridiculously slanted The Detroit Free Press is…Here’s EXHIBIT 1: The article below states that students at MSU were “delighted” to get a freebie from Hillary. Delighted?
Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Campaign show desperation when they throw barbs at Trump saying he’s promoting hate. It truly is the pot calling the kettle black!

Has she seen what’s going on with her mom’s buddies at Black Lives Matter? The violence and hate is astounding!

How about her own mother’s hateful rant to Union members admonishing them in a big way:

Michigan State University students were delighted to hear that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has a plan to relieve them of at least some of their massive college loan debts.

The message was delivered Thursday night to a packed MSU Union lobby by the candidate’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, who’s stumping for her mother in Michigan.

“Federal loans would automatically be set to the prevailing interest rate,” she said. “Right now Interest rates are low, and if we can renegotiate mortgages and our car loans we should be able to have our federal student loans set to the lowest rate.”

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Clinton’s speech lasted eight minutes without a mention of her mother’s rival for the White House Republican nominee Donald Trump.

But during a 20-minute question-and-answer period, she spoke of the rise in hate speech, the way it’s cropped in with the election and in society as a whole.

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“I never thought I would see in my lifetime – I certainly didn’t think I’d see it in my children’s lifetime – all this normalization of hate speech that we’re hearing from the Republican nominee,” she said to a woman asking about hate crime toward Muslims.

Clinton criticized what she called rhetoric undisputed by the GOP against women, other races, people with disabilities, veterans and immigrants.

“That’s not our country,” Clinton said, “and that’s also what’s at stake, the core values of our country.”

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