Harriet Hageman appeals to Wyoming voters. Wyoming is a conservative state that voted largely for Donald Trump.
Liz Cheney is not well-liked and has done poorly in her Wyoming fundraising efforts. Through June 30, Cheney raised $260,000 from roughly 200 Wy. Residents. Harriet Hageman raised four times as much, bringing in over $1.2 million from Wyoming Voters.

Cheney’s California donors are not quiet about disagreeing with her politically but have opted to support her because she has faced off with President Trump. That has earned her financial support from Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

The Los Angeles Times reported,
“More than 1,100 Californians contributed nearly a tenth of the $13 million Cheney raised through June 30 for her reelection campaign,” which is far more than she raised with her constituents.

CNN went to Wyoming to ask what voters thought of Cheney. Many said they don’t like how she has handled her role on the January 6 committee or that she has gone after President Trump. Some called it a “witch hunt” and a “kangaroo court”; another said, “it’s not the Wyoming way.”

Cheney is very unpopular in conservative Wyoming.


When Hageman began surpassing Cheney in polls, Cheney fought back by asking Wyoming Democrats to change party affiliation to vote for her in the Republican primary.


When Cheney was asked if Pelosi’s decisions regarding January 6 security would be looked at, she deflected, framing President Trump as the perpetrator, saying he had an “armed mob” and “that he sent (them) to the capitol.”

Her response does not ring true or sit well with Wyoming voters who believe Cheney is out of touch with what matters to Wyoming residents.


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