It’s no secret that Cher is an unhinged liberal, which makes her admonishment of the Democrats in Congress even more interesting. Cher calls them out for their embarrassing behavior and even offers them some “cheese” [see emoji] to go with their “whine”! Cher also reminds Dems that the “Merrick Garland” SHIP HAS SAILED!! (She’s basically telling them to get over it.) In the final line of her tweet, Cher tells Democrats in Congress: “This Tantrum Wreaks Of Desperation”

Don’t be fooled by Cher’s tweet to Democrats in Congress. She’s not planning to switch parties anytime soon. Only 3 days ago, Cher warned her followers that if they don’t act now (We’re assuming she means acting against the “evil” Donald Trump and the horrible human beings who’ve bought into his “Make America Great Again” mantra) it will be the end of America and the end of the world:


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