Has-been liberal celebrities took to twitter to voice their displeasure and to offer bribes to change votes. Rosie, Rosie, Rosie…she knows better than to throw millions at politicians. she just made herself look like a fool with the tweet below:

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Cher got nasty when she tweeted out a “hate u” tweet:

The left has shown themselves to be totally wacko during the time of the tax cut vote. We’ve heard of a woman ripping off her top in the gallery of the House and other downright nasty threats from leftists on


Different Democrats have gone full drama mode over this tax cut. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have lead the way….

Nancy Pelosi just got even more embarrassing than ever…She pulled the drama card while commenting on the tax cuts:

“No this is the end of the world. The debate on health care is life or death. This is Armegeddon! This is a really big deal. Because you know why? It’s really hard to come back from this”


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