Comedian Mark Dice explores the influence so-called comedians have on their viewers when it comes to pushing their political views on fans. As part of his example, Dice shows his viewers a clip from a 1980 interview with leftist comedian Chevy Chase. Chase is not only unapologetic for using his position as a writer for SNL to push his liberal propaganda down the throats of unsuspecting viewers, he’s actually quite arrogant about the power he believed he had over his fans on SNL.

Chevy Chase on SNL’s “Weekly Update”

In the 1980 interview with CNN, Chevy Chase admits to using his position to affect the outcomes of the Gerald Ford – Jimmy Carter election. Chase admits to wanting to take down Gerald Ford and to promote Jimmy Carter: “I just went after him [Ford]. And uh…I certainly, and obviously my leanings were Democratic and I wanted Carter in and I wanted him out. And I figured look, we’re reaching millions of people uh..every weekend, so why not do it?”

The CNN reporter seems stunned by Chase’s admission asks, “Wait a minute! You mean to tell me that in the back of your mind you were thinking, ‘Hey I want Carter and I’m gonna make him [Ford] look bad?”

Chase, who seemed very pleased with his arrogant self bragged, “Oh yeah!’

Mark Dice goes on to expose and destroy the credibility of modern day comedians/propagandists Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel.

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