Illegal aliens, paid Soros protesters, angry Black Lives Matter terrorists inspired by Obama’s race war and Bernie Sanders supporters who have absolutely no idea why they showed up, sent four innocent police officers to the hospital; prevented thousands of innocent Americans from exercising their First Amendment right. 


Where are all of these “concerned citizens” (especially the Black Lives Matter terrorists) to protest for a solution for the murder of 117 people in Chicago already this year?

Stats via:
Stats via:

George Soros group takes responsiblity for Alinsky style violent protests against free speech at Trump rally:

dear move on member shows its support for Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Here they “warn” anyone who opposes his radical ideology:

move on

Four police officers were sent to hospital:

4 officers hurt

Violence against police officers is not only acceptable with Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter terrorists, its necessary to create chaos and panic:

breaking 911

What kind of violent protest would be complete without Barack Obama’s good friend, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers:

It’s probably just a coincidence that on a day that Obama was too busy to attend Nancy Reagan’s funeral, he was able to address a crowd about his hate for Trump only hours before this organized chaos in Chicago: wow

And finally, we’re wondering how much our Organizer In Chief had to do with this Alinsky style chaos in Chicago:



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