There is nothing in the First Amendment that protects people from threatening to assassinate our President. From unhinged Democrat lawmakers like State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who posted a message on Facebook, saying she wishes Trump would be assassinated, to celebrities like the formerly popular comedian Kathy Griffin, who held up a bloodied and decapitated head of President Trump, as though it were some kind of trophy during a videotaped “comedy skit”, to the geriatric pop-star Madonna, who told a group of unhinged feminazi’s at the Women’s March in DC, that she dreams about blowing up the White House, to rapper Snoop Dogg who actually made a “music” video of himself holding a gun to the head of a Trump character in clown face. Multitudes of unhinged liberals have taken to social media to casually threaten the life of President Trump. Never have death threats against a sitting President been more popular and more widely accepted by the Democrat Party and by the left.

Only 6 months after President Trump’s inauguration, a tax-payer funded play was taking place in Central Park that depicted the brutal stabbing death of the President, at the hands of angry woman and minorities.

In the production of “Julius Caesar” at “Shakespeare in the Park” in Central Park, the protagonist looks very similar to the tall, blond businessman elected president in 2016.

Guy Benson said that while Trump is not named in the play, the fact that his wife is depicted with a “Slavic accent” and he is being stabbed by women and minorities gives it away

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I’m sure that’s not an accident,” Benson said

Deroy Murdock of the National Review writes: Never in my 53 years have I seen people so casually and cavalierly advocate the murder of the president of the United States. Trump haters are eager to make assassination great again. Such comments are not just muttered by demented vagrants as they relax on subway grates. Those who say such things too often are prominent, powerful people with platforms from which they publically spew their potentially lethal venom.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone, that the Washington Free Beacon is reporting that a Chicago resident on Wednesday filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to create a new political action committee whose name threatens to assassinate President Donald Trump.

The PAC is titled, “I AM GOING TO ASSASSINATE PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP.” (The name is registered in all capital letters.)

An individual named Freddy Black filed the paperwork and wrote, “Send donations to reward my assassination of Donald J Trump to: Freddy Black, 3001 S King Drive Apt 1118, Chicago IL 60616. Or to my IDOC Parole Agent Mr. Done Let”s get him assassinated in the next 24 hours!! Then I”ll kill all the KKK motherfuckers too [sic].”

It is unclear if Freddy Black is the actual name or a pseudonym of the individual behind the PAC. The address that Black provides in his filing leads to an apartment complex on the south side of Chicago.

In the filing, Black is also listed as the PAC’s treasurer. “Hacker” and “assassin” are his listed titles.

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The Washington Free Beacon reached out to the Secret Service for comment on the new PAC.

“The Secret Service is aware of the organization’s statement but as a matter of practice we do not comment on protective intelligence investigations,” a spokesperson for the Secret Service said.

The new PAC’s filing comes after a Utah man named Travis Luke Dominguez was indicted earlier this month on multiple charges of threatening to kill Trump and police, and later people in a Utah movie theater complex, a bank, and another business.


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