Obama crony, Rahm Emanuel has been in office for 7 years, and like a typical Democrat Mayor, he continues to blame everyone but himself for the sorry state of this once amazing city filled with tourists, who once considered it a safe place to visit.

So far, according to “Hey Jackass“, a website that keeps detailed accounts of shootings in Chicago,  in the month of August 17 people have been killed, and 95 have been shot and wounded.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, this weekend’s bloodbath that left 71 people shot and 12 people dead has become political shrapnel in the heated race for mayor of Chicago.

Fired Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was the first to attack Mayor Rahm Emanuel, citing a six-hour period that left five people dead and more than 30 others shot, most of them teenagers.

Starting at 5 p.m. Friday and ending at 5 a.m. Monday, the tally was: Three people shot Friday evening; 14 shot Saturday; 48 shot Sunday; and six shot early Monday.

Candidate for Mayor of Chicago Garry McCarthy speaks at a press conference held outside Chicago police headquarters on July 9, 2018. | Colin Boyle/Sun-Times

McCarthy noted that, as grieving families filled overwhelmed emergency rooms, Emanuel was demonstrating how “out of touch with reality” and residents of Chicago’s “neediest neighborhoods” he is — by holding a news conference about a $10 million dollar expansion of the downtown Riverwalk.

“This is a mayor who continues to ignore this epidemic of violence that’s taking over communities on the South and West Sides of this city,” McCarthy was quoted as saying in an emailed statement.

“Instead of facing this horrific condition head-on with community-based solutions for this human carnage of African-American children, this mayor wants to talk about how the murder rate is going down. Who’s buying that, given what we just witnessed this weekend?”

McCarthy noted that, as grieving families filled overwhelmed emergency rooms, Emanuel was demonstrating how “out of touch with reality” and residents of Chicago’s “neediest neighborhoods” he is — by holding a news conference about a $10 million dollar expansion of the downtown Riverwalk.

Meanwhile, the Mayor’s news confernce wasn’t the only thing occupying the Mayor’s time while the city he is supposed to be running was turning into a virtual bloodbath, Rahm Emanuel was caught on camera dancing during the same weekend. He even had the audacity to tweet about his antics on the south side of Chicago at their music festival.

Life’s a party (campaign) for the Democrat Mayor who has watched crime explode in the city he was hired to fix…

ABC-7 Chicago posted a video of the Mayor busting a move…

Now that the party’s over for Emanuel, he’s back to business, as he just announed he’ll be putting more cops out on the streets in response to the “recent violence”. Recent?

And another candidate, community activist Ja’Mal Green, blamed a “lack of investment” in violence-ravaged inner-city neighborhoods—in economic development, education, mental health and in building trusts between citizens an police.

Mayoral candidate Ja’Mal Green speaks at 78th and Halsted following a violent weekend in Chicago, IL on August 6, 2018. | Colin Boyle/Sun-Times

“While I can hold the mayor accountable for a lot, it’s also the communities that have to change their communities and step up. We need community residents to step up and actually start up the block clubs and talk to these young guys on the streets, “ Green said.

“But, it’s gonna be the administration that has the resources to get them off of the streets. You have to substitute what they’re doing with something positive — whether that is a career, getting them into trade program or giving them a good job that pays. We also need services in these communities that we don’t have from this administration. The administration definitely gets an `F’ when it comes to minority communities. –Chicago Sun Times

New York Times – Near a laundromat, gunfire sent the children inside running to hide in the bathroom.

After a funeral meal, mourners in a courtyard were sprayed with bullets. The wounded included four teenage girls.

At a block party providing distraction from the weekend heat wave, Jahnae Patterson, 17, was shot in the face and died.

Scenes like these unfolded over and over again in Chicago during the course of a long, exceptionally violent weekend. From Friday at 6 p.m. through Sunday at midnight, 66 people were shot, 12 of whom died (Chicago Sun Times has updated the number of people shot to 71). The count served as a stark reminder that despite recent progress in reducing shootings and gun deaths, the root causes of Chicago’s notorious crime problem have yet to be addressed, community members and city officials said. As of Monday evening, the police had made no arrests in connection with the shootings.

“Pray for our city my baby is gone,” wrote Ms. Patterson’s mother, Tanika Humphries, on her Facebook page.

John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital on the city’s West Side was so busy that all but immediate family members waited outside for updates on their wounded loved ones, embracing and in some cases kneeling. “You could just feel the grief,” said Eric Russell, a community activist who visited them. “You had people crying and just laying down on concrete.”

The violence reached a peak early Sunday, when 30 people were shot in a three-hour span between midnight and 3 a.m., an average of one every five minutes or so. Eight of the shootings during that period had three or more victims. Over the weekend, 14 children were shot and two, both 17, died. The youngest victim was 11 and the oldest was 62. The shootings were concentrated on the west and south of the city, leaving the downtown area, where thousands attended the Lollapalooza music concert, largely unaffected.

At a news conference on Monday, the police superintendent, Eddie Johnson, and the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, sought to place much of the blame for the weekend carnage — and for the still-high rate of violent crime — on factors other than the police department or the city government, citing too many guns in circulation, the failure of courts and judges to convict and hold accountable those caught with illegal guns, and the need for better parenting. –



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