Another day…Another tyrannical Democrat telling their constituents to stay locked down and keep a muzzle on your face— is caught being a horrible hypocrite.

In September, Democrat hypocrite Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on video walking around maskless inside of a salon that was supposed to be closed, thanks to California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

In November, while hypocrite Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom was ordering the shut down of businesses across his state for not adhering to his tyrannical lockdown orders, he was dining without a mask amongst a large group of people celebrating the 50th birthday of a lobbyist friend.

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In April, it was discoered that Michigan’s hypocritical Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer secretly boarded a donor’s private jet and headed to Florida while telling citizens in Michigan to stay home and stay locked down. When the media exposed her trip to Florida, Whitmer told them she was visiting her chronically ill father. Two weeks ago, Whitmer’s father was seen getting into his Tesla in Michigan after shopping in a local Lansing shopping center.

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On Thursday, it was Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot who was caught standing on a balcony in close proximity to others at a party without wearing a mask. Three days earlier, Lightfoot publicly stated, “I’m going to continue to wear a mask in public and I’m going to encourage others to do so.”


Is anyone else sick and tired of being told to wear a mask and stay locked down while the same tyrannical Democrats who are locking down their citizens are living their best (maskless) lives?

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