Rahm Emanuel is Obama’s puppet so it’s no surprise that he jumped at the chance to politicize the announcement from the DOJ’s Jeff Sessions on DACA. Emanuel doesn’t want anyone to see the truth that DACA was a program unilaterally created by Obama strictly by executive order. He had no constitutional authority to write law so President Trump is cleaning up the mess created by Obama by tossing this to Congress.


If Emanuel thinks he has any authority to keep the feds out then he’s got another thing coming…

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel  told incoming freshman at a high school that they don’t need to worry if they are illegal.  He said that Chicago Public Schools are a “Trump-free” sanctuary for them. Is he ready to give up all federal dollars for harboring illegals?

“To all the Dreamers that are here in this room and in the city of Chicago: You are welcome in the city of Chicago. This is your home. And you have nothing to worry about,” Mr. Emanuel told a group of freshman on the first day of classes at Solorio Academy High School, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

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“Chicago, our schools, our neighborhoods, our city, as it relates to what President Trump said, will be a Trump-free zone. You have nothing to worry about,” Mr. Emanuel said. “And I want you to know this, and I want your families to know this. And rest assured, I want you to come to school … and pursue your dreams.”

Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool said the school system is a “sanctuary” for undocumented students.
“We do not allow federal agents on these grounds and in this building,” he said, the Sun-Times reported. “You are safe and secure here to learn, to grow and to pursue your dreams and we hope that you do so.”

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Good luck with that…

Read more: Chicago Sun Times


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