Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s motorcade has eight unpaid speeding tickets after she cracked down on speeding within the lawless city

How can we expect civilians to follow laws which their elected officials ignore?

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s motorcade has racked up eight unpaid tickets for speeding and traffic violations despite the radical-left mayor’s attempts to crack down on speeding within Chicago.

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot

As she pushes to lower speeding “buffer zones” around school zones and demands harsher fines and punishments for those who violate traffic laws, her drivers continue to disobey said laws.

With fines since February 2020 totaling $658, none of which has been paid, it becomes clear that the Chicago Mayor and her drivers consider themselves above the law.

And speaking of the law, it is also telling that rather than crack down on the violent crime, theft, and drug abuse within Chicago, Lightfoot’s primary focus is on traffic laws.

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The reason, of course, stems from the massive amount of revenue which traffic citations bring in to the lawless city.

The Illinois Policy Institute has found that Chicago has issues 3.8 million speeding tickets, accumulating $80 million in revenue, since Lightfoot began cracking down on traffic violations with the lowering of the buffer zones.

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The Mayor’s office has officially claimed that the Mayor is by no means responsible for her drivers, and that they have stressed safe driving to said drivers. The fines, according to her office, remain unpaid until a review of them is complete. What type of review takes over two years to conduct? Democrats believe themselves above the law and only now that there is an outrage about the fines may they actually be paid.

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