Former VP Al Gore told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos  weather reports are like the Book of Revelation from the Bible. Can you believe this grifter? You wonder if he really believes his lies!

Stephanopoulos asked Gore about President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. He asked if it was significant, considering that former President George W. Bush did the same thing with the Kyoto treaty on climate change in 2001.

Al Gore: “We lost a lot of time when the U.S. did not join the rest of the world community then, and while it is true that we have this sustainability revolution under way, and it’s very exciting. It has the magnitude of the industrial revolution, but the speed of the digital revolution.”

“We’re still not changing fast enough. It’s not just the scientific community warning us now. It’s Mother Nature. Every night on the TV news is like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation…70 percent of Florida is in drought right now. Missouri just declared an emergency with another one of these historic climate-related downpours.”

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Gore had the nerve to comment on President Trump’s leadership: “We need presidential leadership. Since he’s not going to lead, the American people are stepping up.”

The fact is that Al Gore is a grifter who has made millions off of the global warming scam! He’s the ultimate grifter. He needs to crawl back into his hole.

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