Rep. Steve Cohen was in the news last week for pulling a stunt with Kentucky Fried Chicken (see below). He claimed Attorney General Barr was “chicken” for not showing for a House hearing, so he ate KFC and posed with a chicken while ranting against Barr.

This is just how low the Democrats have gone to try and discredit Attorney General Barr.

Now, Cohen has gone even more off the rails by calling for the Sergeant at Arms to force AG Barr to testify:

What Cohen isn’t saying is that AG Barr wasn’t under subpoena and wasn’t required to appear for the hearing last week.


What a sideshow and a total circus the Democrats have put on in the past two days!

This morning’s sideshow began with angry Democrats claiming Attorney General Barr is “chicken” and that’s why he won’t come to testify before them.

Rep Cohen eats Kentucky Fried Chicken (photo below) and then does this:

Cohen gesticulates with toy poultry quipping that “chicken Barr” should have attended the hearing:

This is what Cohen also did this morning:

The Democrats are embarrassing themselves with stunts like this.

There was an empty chair where AG Barr would have been sitting this morning. Another stunt by the Democrats that’s just stupid.

Here’s Rep. Andy Biggs in a serious statement about what’s going on:

Today’s hearing with Attorney General Barr would be underway but for Chairman Nadler’s insistence on an unprecedented procedure meant to attack the Attorney General and lay the groundwork for the impeachment of @POTUS

“Lay the groundwork for impeachment.”

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