After the serial bomber in Austin, Texas blew himself up in his car earlier this week, people all across America have wondered what in the world would drive a young man — he was only 23 — to commit such horrific acts, ones that not only destroyed property but that killed as well.

Well, the police are starting to release some details from Mark Conditt’s 28-minute long recorded confession, and they are extremely disturbing.

The NY Post is reporting:

“I wish I were sorry, but I am not,” Mark Conditt said in the recording, sources told the Austin Statesman.

Conditt said he feels like he’s been disturbed since childhood — but didn’t offer much else in the way of motive, acknowledging only that his three-week bombing spree caused permanent injuries to some of his victims, and left family of the two who died without their loved ones, according to the paper.

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He made the tape after 9 p.m. Tuesday as police were closing in, and said he blamed himself for helping police track him down by walking into a FedEx store to mail bomb-filled packages, the Statesman reports.

Conditt began the message, found on his phone, with “it’s me again” and investigators think he may have recorded previous missives on his laptop, which was destroyed when he blew himself up in his car on the side of the interstate — not inside a McDonald’s — while being tailed by a SWAT team.

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This tape is yet more proof that mentally disturbed individuals do not need to have access to guns in order to carry out acts of death and destruction. Those who are dedicated to spreading misery will always find some sort of way, even if it is just using their own bare hands.

The real question to ask about this situation is why no one, including Conditt’s parents never caught on to the fact this kid was mentally ill. It seems as if he’s been that way for a really long time.

Did they know and just opt to do nothing? If so, does that make them at least partly responsible for all of this? These are questions that will hopefully be answered in the coming weeks.

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