Chilling drone footage from Cape Town, South Africa, shows how a great white shark is swimming around a group of surfers and kayakers who are oblivious at first.

The drone operator said: “We normally fly the drone to capture nature, and I saw the shark and followed it and when I saw how close it had got the surfers, I told my dad to go get them out of the water. He was on his way to get them out, but by then, the shark was moving quite fast, and the shark had actually gone underneath their boards.”

The large shark swims around for a bit and then begins getting closer to a group of kayakers and a surfers.
About 25 seconds into the video, a kayaker sees the shark’s fin above the water and realizes they are in trouble.

The-Sun reports that the kayaker tells the surfer whose legs are dangling close to where the shark is swimming.

The brave kayaker knows he has to help the surfer so he pushes his kayak forward. This distracts the shark long enough for them both to escape.

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The shark then breaks away from the two men who quickly head back to shore.

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