China is continuing its attempt to crush Hong Kong, instituting harsh restrictions and blaming them on the coronavirus which China itself unleashed on the world. They are preventing certain elected politicians from participating in the legislature and now are moving elections back a year.

Earlier this week, it was announced that a number of individuals who won last year’s elections in Hong Kong will not be permitted to represent their districts in the Hong Kong legislature, according to DW:

At least 12 opposition candidates will not be able to run in elections for the Hong Kong legislature this September, and more candidates could be barred soon, authorities have said on Thursday. The government pointed to advocating for self-determination, urging foreign intervention, and “expressing an objection in principle” to the controversial new national security law as reasons for ban.

Popular Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong said he was also among the 12 barred politicians, despite his victory in the primary vote held within the pro-democracy bloc.

“The excuse they use is that I describe [the national security law] as a draconian law,” the 23-year-old political leader said….

“The government is constructing a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) assembly in (Hong Kong’s Legislative Council) to eliminate most of the opposition voices. Outrageous,” Nathan Law, a pro-democracy activist and former lawmaker who was kicked out of the legislature, said on Twitter. Law left Hong Kong for Britain earlier this month.

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God bless the people of Hong Kong – some of the kindest, smartest and strongest people in the world.  These people need our prayers now.

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong registered last week as a candidate for September’s planned election in Hong Kong. Authorities disqualified him Thursday. (Photo/Tyrone Siu, Reuters)

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Then on Friday, the CEO of Hong Kong who does nothing without the approval or direction of China, announced that Hong Kong’s elections will be postponed for a year due to the China coronavirus:

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam on Friday announced that she was delaying the election planned for September 6 because of mounting concern about the coronavirus pandemic. She said the election would be held on September 5, 2021.

“Today I announce the most difficult decision in the last seven months … to postpone the Legislative Council election,” Lam told reporters.

“The epidemic is posing a serious risk to Hong Kong. The election is unique, the biggest in Hong Kong,” Lam said, adding that going through with the election would pose a risk to a great number of people.

The twenty-something year-old Law shared his message on Twitter:

Hong Kong is under siege.  China is using the coronavirus to control Hong Kong similar to Democrats use of the coronavirus to control the American people they rule over.  A few years ago, Hong Kong was rated the freest country in the world – no doubt they have fallen from this ranking now due to China.

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