I told you 2024 was going to get WEIRD!

Weird and cool.

How about Invisibility Cloaks now being a thing?

It’s true.

And while they’re perhaps not advanced enough yet to cloak the U.S. Starship Enterprise or a Romulan War Bird, it appears we’re headed in that direction.

Take a look for yourself:

More here:

Backup full screen video player here:

It’s real folks….

Here’s the IndianExpress covering the invention:

Chinese researcher Chu Junhao has pushed the boundaries of optical technology, bringing us one step closer to the realm of Harry Potter. His innovation – an actual invisibility ‘cloak’ – challenges the conventional notions of visibility, ushering in a new era where the line between the seen and unseen becomes increasingly blurred.

This relies on cutting-edge materials designed to manipulate light, offering a tangible solution to achieving optical invisibility. The implications of this advancement extend far beyond mere novelty, opening doors to a myriad of practical applications.

One of the most exciting prospects is the potential for creating invisible rooms. This technology could revolutionise security measures, allowing for discreet surveillance and covert operations with unprecedented levels of concealment.

Furthermore, the breakthrough holds promise for revolutionising the field of advanced hearing aids. By leveraging optical invisibility, these devices could discreetly enhance auditory experiences without the need for conspicuous, bulky equipment.

Here’s what Grok has to say about it:

And from Indy100:

Scientists have taken technology to a whole new level by bringing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak to life.

Chu Junhao unveiled his invention at a virtual event called Super Night of Science, with footage later shared online.

Clips show a man accompanied by two assistants holding a life-size sheet. They demonstrate how the translucent material works by initially placing it in front of the man’s legs to show them in full view.

They then proceed to tilt it 90 degrees, and to the viewer’s surprise, the lower half of his body entirely disappears.

It is said to work by using materials that manipulate light and give the impression of invisibility.

While some people believed it to be a hoax, others were left stunned by the revelation and immediately flooded X/Twitter with their takes.

“Harry Potter was ahead of his time with this one,” one person joked, while another expressed their admiration for advanced technology, writing: “Man technology is amazing, things from sci-fi are actually coming to life, just hope these things will be put to good use.”

A third humoured: “This is not invisibility. It’s hiding. You can still see it. Can’t walk unseen in the bank with that.”

Gotta love this post:

And from Google News:

Google News – The invisibility cloak already exists and was the product of a recent development by the renowned Chinese scientist, Chu Junhao, who when presenting it assured that the innovation “will change our lives.”

According to a press release released by the Ministry of Science and Technology from Venezuela, the director of the Faculty of Sciences of the Donhúa University, in Shanghai, and member of the Academy of Sciences of the Asian giant, presented the invention during a virtual event called “Super Night of Science.”

During the presentation recorded on video and posted on social networks, the expert is seen, accompanied by two assistants, holding an apparently translucent sheet, composed of what appears to be a unique material; The panel shows his legs. However, when he asks his companions to turn him 90 degrees, the lower part of his body disappears. He becomes invisible to the public.

He specifies that the key is in the composition of the sheet, which has a lenticular grid formed from a row of small convex cylindrical lenses that allow light to be refracted regularly, that is, metamaterials have been used to vary perception. of the human eye, distorting our visual field to make us believe that it has disappeared.

What a time to be alive!

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