The Chinese Ambassador to South Africa retweeted a tweet from Hillary Clinton yesterday thanking her for her support.

Hillary is showing her true colors by supporting the Chinese propagandists trying to harm President Trump and America:

This Chinese Ambassador has been spewing propaganda against America and President Trump for weeks. One example of many bashing the US:

“I am not surprised to see the US plays the blame game. Authoritative sources made it clear that the coronavirus is neither originated from China, nor “made in China”. The scientists have the final say.” – Chinese Ambassador to Sout Africa

There is a disinformation campaign going on to try and spin the blame for the coronavirus pandemic away from China.

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This ambassador is constantly tweeting out propaganda from China, and Hillary Clinton is supporting the effort by repeating their talking points. Maybe it’s time to tweet back to these propagandists from China to let them know we support our president 100%!

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There is nothing racist about calling the pandemic the “Chinese virus.” The media, politicians, and the Chinese are in cahoots to try and push the false narrative that it’s racist to call the virus “Chinese.”

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