Biden is facing criticism from the Chinese media after making a public apology for the US withdrawing from the Paris Accords during Trump’s presidency at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

On the opening day of this summit, Biden said: “‘I guess I shouldn’t apologize, but I do apologize for the fact the United States, in the last administration, pulled out of the Paris Accords and put us sort of behind the eight ball a little bit.”

This speech caused the Chinese media to mock him, calling Biden “hypocritical and powerless”.

In an op-ed for a Chinese state-owned publication, the Global Times, the author described Biden’s speech at the summit as “bringing US political infighting to the global arena”.

The article continues to take heavy jabs at Biden, saying, “if there is anything that Biden did bring to Europe, it must be a massive 85-car and gas-guzzling motorcade. Other than that, Biden can only make empty promises at COP26. His apology does not make any sense, as he has no plan to fulfill his promises and no guarantee to make sure that his commitment won’t be toppled by the next administration. Worse, he cannot even win enough support from his own party to get a green light for his plan.”

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To this point, here is a graphic from Daily Mail detailing Biden’s carbon emissions over the course of his European trip for this conference:

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It is estimated that 2 million pounds of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere in this trip alone. I guess Joe isn’t that passionate about climate after all.

In the same piece, an associate professor at Beijing International Studies University, Xu Liang, is quoted saying, “Biden’s remarks remind me of the scene when Democratic lawmakers got down on their knees for George Floyd, whose death sparked the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as Biden’s face-to-face apology to France for the US’ ‘clumsy’ Australian submarine deal. Those cases show that the declining US is trapped in a predicament where the best option is to apologize. If the US still has teeth, it will definitely not become that humble.”

While Biden may have hoped to make an impact at COP26, all he managed to do was take a nap, prompt some laughter from Chinese media, and show how hypocritical he really can be.


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