A Chinese woman passed Secret Service areas and the Mar-a-Lago manager to illegally enter President Trump’s exclusive club in Florida last Saturday. Federal prosecutors report that last weekend the woman entered the club carrying four cellphones, a thumb drive infected with malware and two Chinese passports.

According to a criminal complaint, the Chinese woman, Yujing Zhang, 32, told a Secret Service agent at a security checkpoint that she wanted to use the pool.

According to Fox News, the manager of the club thought the woman was related to a member of the club, and due to the language barrier, the woman entered the club. She had everyone fooled until she told a receptionist she was at the club for an event that wasn’t scheduled. Her story changed, and luckily the employees and Secret Service caught on to her fake story:

She showed the agent two Chinese passports and tried to determine whether she was on a membership list, according to the complaint. Secret Service reportedly said she was not on the list, but a club manager thought she was related to a member of Mar-a-Lago with the same surname. She didn’t definitively say whether she was or not, and “due to a potential language barrier issue,” Zhang was able to enter Mar-a-Lago, Agent Samuel Ivanovich wrote in court documents.

Once inside, Zhang allegedly rode on a valet golf cart and eventually told a receptionist she was at the club for a United Nations Chinese American Association event to take place later that day… an event which the receptionist knew wasn’t scheduled.

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Zhang told the Secret Service she was there to attend a “United Nations Friendship Event” between China and the U.S. and said she was visiting Mar-a-Lago early to take photos of the property — seemingly contradicting her earlier statement that she was there to visit the pool. She reportedly showed Ivanovich an invitation in Chinese that he could not read.

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