Stocks for airlines and cruise ships are plummetting over growing worries of passengers foregoing travel plans over of fears of contracting the coronavirus. As fears of contracting coronavirus increase, so do emotions. That’s exactly what happened on a Thai Airways flight where a Chinese woman lost her patience over waiting for a coronavirus check to be completed on passengers and intentionally spit on a flight attendant.

New York Post reports – The Chinese woman became irate that the plane was being held up for up to 10 hours after landing at the Shanghai Pudong Airport on Friday.

Newsflare – Shocked flyers said she became irritated after sitting still for several hours then demanded that the staff from the Thai Airways flight open the doors to let her out.

However, after being told she would have to wait, the airline’s staff said the woman began swinging her arms and deliberately coughing at one of the female members of staff.

When the woman’s rampage continued, a male member of the cabin crew arrived and put her in a headlock to restrain her.

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He is heard saying in the video to a colleague ”Come here, help me put her down” before telling staff to ”get handcuffs.” Another cabin assistant who arrives then tells the woman in English ”Stay down, stay down, please.”

Footage shows how six of the cabin crew arrived to restrain the woman, who later calmed down, without being cuffed. Passengers were eventually let off the flight TG664 from Bangkok and went through COVID-19 health checks for passengers from risky countries.

Thai Airways confirmed the incident and said it was caused by the passenger becoming aggressive.

The male flight attendant holding the Chinese woman in a headlock after she allegedly coughed on him, can be heard telling her to “stay down!” as she struggled to break free from him. Masked passengers and flight attendants watched in horror as the scene unfolded.


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The rest of the passengers eventually underwent checks for the deadly virus, according to the outlet.

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