Fox News’ Chris Wallace and the Fox News panel were ready to cover the impeachment trial when anti-Trump political hack Chris Wallace had a temper tantrum:

Wallace yells at Katie Pavlich to get her facts straight, and then she comes back with facts…Glorious!

“Let’s talk about the facts here, Chris.” – Katie Pavlich

A longer clip is below this shortened clip.

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A longer clip giving more context of what was being said:

Wallace couldn’t contain his excitement at the Bolton news:

“If you want a sense of how big the news is that we’ve heard in the past 12-14 hours, listen to the Trump supporters…spinning like crazy that it isn’t big news and you get a sense that this is really an important development.”

This may have been Wallace’s “tingle up the leg” moment.

Katie Pavlich is one smart woman and deserves an apology from Wallace…ASAP!


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