Here’s another case of government overreach during the coronavirus pandemic. Overzealous county employees around America are jumping at the chance to enforce “orders” like the one below, even if there is zero common sense involved.

Ottawa County, Michigan Department of Public Health, just forced a Christian school to shut down. No, there isn’t a single case of the coronavirus among the 250 students in the school…not one. Yes, Libertas Christian School in Hudsonville, MI, was shut down for “violating coronavirus orders” so the 250 students who attend the school are suddenly forced to make drastic changes.

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Yellow signs are now on the doors of the school barring entry saying it’s closed and under quarantine:

“Occupancy is strictly forbidden pending further notice.”

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MLive interviewed the attorney for the school who said the Ottawa County health officials “are abusing their authority.”

He also said that health department officials: “came in under the cover of darkness … and shut down the school. They posted placards on the door that says you cannot enter this or else you’re committing a crime; they threatened the headmaster and teachers with incarceration. He continued, “People need to understand what the county’s doing here is way outside the boundaries of what a normal county or normal health department should be doing. And instead of focusing on real outbreaks and real sick people, they’re trying to scatter 250 healthy kids (when) there’s not been a single case of COVID amongst those children.”

The school filed a lawsuit before the county shut down the school. Health officials claimed the school refuses to enforce wearing a mask or social distance. There will be a hearing next week in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Is this government overreach? It sure sounds like it.


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