In June, 2017,  the Irish Times reported about women’s soccer star Jaelene Hinkle, who was called into the USA women’s squad ahead of a two-match tour of Scandinavia. With eight full caps already and the World Cup two years away, it looked the perfect opportunity for the then 24-year-old to confirm the growing consensus that she was the country’s best left-back.

Shortly after US Soccer announced the team would wear special jerseys in Europe, emblazoned with rainbow numbers in support of LGBTQ Pride month, Hinkle pulled out of the squad, initially citing “personal reasons” before later going into more detail.

“I just felt so convicted in my spirit that it wasn’t my job to wear this jersey,” she said.

“I gave myself three days to just seek and pray and determine what He was asking me to do in this situation . . . I knew in my spirit I was doing the right thing. I knew I was being obedient. If I never get another national team call-up again then that’s just a part of His plan, and that’s okay. Maybe this is why I was meant to play soccer, to show other believers to be obedient.”

According to the controversial US Women’s Soccer captain, Megan Rapinoe, sciene proves gays are better soccer players.

Fox News reports- Hinkle “helped her team win the NWSL championship and previously helped it win a title in 2016 when it was known as the Western New York Flash.”

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The Daily Wire wrote – But none of that apparently mattered to the women’s team. The Irish Times, which called Hinkle “the finest left-back in the NWSL,” wrote in June, “Hinkle likely would have been a fish out of water on the uber-woke women’s national team, some of whose biggest stars are openly lesbian, raising questions about whether she would have thrown off the squad’s chemistry.”

That’s because Hinkle has been quite open about her Christian faith. In 2015, Hinkle objected publicly to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized same-sex marriage, writing on Instagram:

Jesus didn’t come to save those who already believed in Him. He came so that the lost, rejected, and abandoned men and women would find Him and believe. 

I believe with every fiber in my body that what was written 2,000 years ago in the Bible is undoubtedly true. It’s not a fictional book. It’s not a pick and choose what you want to believe. You either believe it, or you don’t. This world may change, but Christ and His Word NEVER will.

My heart is that as Christians we don’t begin to throw a tantrum over what has been brought into law today, but we become that much more loving. That through our love, the lost, rejected, and abandoned find Christ.

The rainbow was a convent made between God and all his creation that never again would the world be flooded as it was when He destroyed the world during Noah’s time. It’s a constant reminder that no matter how corrupt this world becomes, He will never leave us or forsake us. Thank you Lord for your amazing grace, even during times of trial and confusion.

Love won over 2,000 years ago when the greatest sacrifice of all time was made for ALL mankind. ❤️????????????????

Pro-life, pro-family author, Obianuju Ekeocha tweeted a video of an interview with 25-year-old soccer star, Jaelene Hinkle.  It’s been reported that Hinkle, who according to the Washington Times “has been called the top left defender in the U.S. game,”  didn’t make the cut for the U.S. Women’s Soccer team because of her opposition to same-sex marriage stemming from her Christian beliefs.
In her interview with CBN, or Christian Broadcasting News, Hinkle explains why she believes she didn’t make the cut and how she’s okay with it, because she’s willing to sacrifice if it means standing up for her Christian faith.
Jaelene Hinkle, is the 26-year-old American footballer who gave up the opportunity to be in the USWNT. I was very curious to know what happened so I went in search of her interview with CBN. Apparently, the US women’s Football team is not a very welcoming place for Christians.

Ashlyn Harris, the goalie for the U.S Women’s soccer team, blasted Hinkle, calling her intolerant and “homophobic.”

Hinkle, our team is about inclusion. Your religion was never the problem. The problem is your intolerance and you are homophobic. You don’t belong in a sport that aims to unite and bring people together. You would never fit into our pack or what this team stands for.

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The U.S. Women’s Soccer team goalie continued with her rant: Don’t you dare say our team is ‘not a welcoming place for Christians’. You weren’t around long enough to know what this team stood for. This is actually an insult to the Christians on our team. Same on you.


Soon after the interview, when her North Carolina Courage team played against the Portland Thorns in Portland, Oregon, fans waving rainbow flags booed Hinkle. The Washington Times noted, “Hinkle has not played for the national team since. After she was left off the World Cup roster, coach Jill Ellis told reporters that the decision was ‘solely based on soccer,’ an explanation greeted with widespread skepticism.” The Times added, “Ellis, who is married to a woman, did call up Hinkle last year for the Tournament of Nations but then cut her and one other player a few days later, fueling speculation that she was invited only to stave off a religious freedom lawsuit.”

Megan Rapinoe, arguably the heart and soul of the squad, knelt for the national anthem in support of Colin Kaepernick, works with a charity battling homophobia, and, breaking new ground, once posed nude with her girlfriend, WNBA star Sue Bird, for the cover of ESPN magazine.

In contrast, Hinkle’s stance about the rainbow numbers was partly based on her belief God saved her career when he intervened to assist doctors who performed two surgeries on a blood clot in her leg.

It’s not difficult to see how somebody that devout might struggle to fit in on a team that has embraced so many progressive causes and fought its own federation for equal pay and proper treatment.

The night before the second operation, she and her mother prayed for hours and the medical staff described the success of the procedure as a miracle. The type of faith that informs a Twitter profile describing her as Daughter of Christ first, pro soccer player second, and which explains why nobody seems to care less about missing out on the World Cup than Hinkle herself.

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