Cabela’s Christmas ad for a rifle sent anti-gun nuts into orbit. The ad was said to be insensitive because it’s the same rifle used in the San Bernardino shooting. The people at Cabela’s are probably still puzzled by this one. How does this have anything to do with a Christmas ad for a rifle at Cabela’s? If you get a chance, please read the comments from the Willamette article link below – they’re hysterical!

Here’s what  the Willamette Week Newspaper had to say:

Alert WW reader Doug Menely spotted the ad in his home edition of the (Oregonian) newspaper.

“I personally found this ad totally insensitive to what happened in Roseburg, Southern California and every place that has had mass shootings,” Menely writes. “This weapon that is displayed is clearly not a hunting rifle.”

Whether the M&P15 is a hunting rifle is a matter of some debate. But the gun was used by killers in two recent mass shootings.

The ad arrives less than a month after the Dec. 2 mass shooting in San Bernardino, where a married couple, allegedly dedicated to radical Islamic beliefs, used an M&P15 and other weapons to kill 14 people and wound 21 others.

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