***WARNING***Graphic video***
This is truly a Christmas miracle…

In what is almost certainly a Christmas miracle, a three-year-old boy in China survived with minimal injuries after being run over by a massive truck while crossing a busy road in Anji county in China’s northwestern Zhejiang province.

As the toddler, riding in a baby carriage pushed by his grandmother, reached the middle of the intersection, he was struck by a large red truck as it plowed through the red light.

Due to another vehicle, the grandmother couldn’t see the oncoming truck until it was too late. As soon as the rig struck the stroller, it knocked the child under the truck before it came to a halt.


Thankfully, the child hit by the center of the truck, causing him to fall under the truck, between the front wheels. Within seconds of the incident, the fearful driver can be seen quickly exiting the vehicle and hurrying under the truck to retrieve the boy, according to stunning footage captured by CCTV.

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After the child was pulled from under the truck and handed to his grandmother, she could be seen swatting her hands at the driver, who was reportedly fined 150 yuan, or approximately $21.60, for failure to stop at a red light. –The Blaze

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