Google warns users of a high threat attack on Chrome which revealed 30 security flaws and allowed hackers access to important information

A successful attack on Google’s Chrome browser by hackers has revealed 30 security flaws, including 7 posing a high threat to the information of billions of users, Google warns.

Google’s response, aside from the warning, is an update to be launched within the next few days.

As of yet, who is responsible for the hack are unknown, as is how many users’ security was put at risk.

This is not the only hacking attack on a major company this week, either. On Monday a Russian group revealed that they had hacked Coca-Cola and are now selling the woke soda company’s data.

From The Daily Mail:

Stormous said it stole 161 gigabytes of financial data, passwords and accounts before putting the information on the market for $640,000 or 16million Bitcoin.


The team revealed on Monday it had infiltrated the drinks company and got out ‘without their knowledge.’ Coca-Cola said it has launched an urgent investigation and already contacted the police.

‘You will win and we will win,’ read an apparent message from the group, which was later posted on Twitter.

Among the stolen files, according to CISO Advisor, are financial data, passwords and commercial accounts.

With hackers growing more bold and information on the internet less safe, it is also less than reassuring to know how useless most passwords are.

Any 6 character password, and many 7 and 8 character passwords can be hacked almost instantly, new research indicates. In fact, any password of 8 characters or less, no matter the combination of letters, numbers, and symbols, can be hacked in less than 40 minutes. Apparently, you need to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols of around 18 characters in length to be safe. Who can remember all of that?

In any case, internet safety is highly important with hackers everywhere. Keeping your passwords secure is the minimum you can do, but with tech companies dropping the ball on their end, is anything you do going to be enough?

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