They’re just like us!

The so-called “Elites” are so normal and down to Earth…..they’re just like you and me!

Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit even thinking about that. 🤮

These people are nothing like us…

Despite their efforts to appear “normal” they are so far from normal they don’t even know how to pretend correctly.

It’s sad really, but also hilarious — especially what happened to Chuck Schumer yesterday when he tried to show us he was just one of the guys — a family man! — grilling on Father’s Day.

But it went so horribly wrong.

Take a look (the post has been deleted but many people screenshotted it before it got taken down and the Internet lives forever written in ink):

Ok, so if you zoom in you see good old Chuck Schumer is grilling just like you and me on Father’s Day!

What a normal guy!

Got some hot dogs….

Got some burgers….

Got some CHEESEburgers!

The only problem?

Well, anyone who has actually USED a grill before knows the cheese goes on right at the end.

You don’t put it on the raw patty before you have even flipped it.

What a freaking dork!  (and moron)

I love this next post from Sadie who points out the absolute irony of everything in this post….hard to believe he was able to shove so much irony and so much hypocrisy into just one post:

He is everything that is wrong in this country.

Wants to ban gas appliances. – Has a gas grill.

Wants to reduce beef. – Eating beef.

Wants to destroy the family. – Pretends to care about family.

Wants you to think he is just like you. – Makes it very clear he is an elitist that is not.

This is the democratic party. Fake hypocrites that want to take things away from you and control you. They do not understand the average person. They do not care about you or this country.

It is time to show them we see them for all they truly are and make it clear we do NOT want them!

This photo should make you angry. It should make you want change and it should make you get up and take action.

Will you take action? Will you help stop the frauds that are the democrats?
I hope the answer is YES.

So true!

What a hypocritical loser!

Gas grills for ME, but not for THEE!

The motto of the Democrat party.

Oh yes, they’re all just so normal and just so much like you and me, right?


Who could have ever seen this coming?

He’s just so normal!

I mean, are you really telling me the guy dancing in this clip is not just a normal, down-to-earth, regular guy?

Ok, but as long as we’re talking about Chuck Schumer, can anyone tell me why his wife looks like an elderly Jewish man?

Is he married to Danny DeVito?

You know, I should take that back, my apologies.

She’s clearly a very beautiful lady:

If you don’t think this is beautiful, the problem is with YOU:

You know I can’t end this article about the so-called “Elites” being just like you and me without showing you the ultimate CRINGE moment of all time.

You know it….

You know exactly where I’m going….

It’s Elizabeth Warren filming herself in her kitchen on a Friday night just casually “having herself a beer” and thanking her husband for being there with her.

So CRINGE and yet so amazingly GOOD…..this is a true Hall-of-Famer right here:

FLASHBACK: Elizabeth Warren Tells Husband “Thank you for being here”

I was reminded of this old clip from Elizabeth Warren today and it had me laughing so much as I remembered it that I had to share it with you

It’s one of my favorite videos and cracks me up each time it’s SO BAD!

We all thought Kevin Spacey posted the creepiest home video in his kitchen when he posted his cringe-worthy “Let Me Be Frank video…

Remember that?

Then Elizabeth Warren came along and said “Hold My Beer, I can top that!”

Or did she say “Let me get a beer”?

Anyway, the point is, Warren shot a cringe-worthy home video in her kitchen that many think has dethroned Spacey as the awkward video of the year.

Take a look:

I have so many questions……

Like, why does it seem so incredibly staged?

Who says “I’m gonna get me a beer” and who does it so awkwardly?

Why is she so awkward?

Why does she thank her husband for being here?  Where Liz, in your house?  Thank you for being here?  What?  Who has ever said that to their spouse?

Why is this so creepy in fake?

Is this what we have to look forward to in her 2020 campaign?

It appears I wasn’t the only one with questions, even CBS News posted this video poking fun at the horrible video and posing many of the same questions I had:

Of course Fox News also ripped the video calling her “Inauthentic in everything she does”.

Take a look:

Don Jr. picked up on the CBS video:

But perhaps the best line of all goes of course to our President, Donald J. Trump when he said this of Warren:

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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