Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was speaking to a small group of people about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s situation with Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations of sexual assault.

He briefly mentioned a fact-finding procedure done with “every nominee” for the Supreme Court.

He continued by stating that when new information comes up, the FBI does their job with background checks, claiming that it is a “standard operating procedure” – which is fine because that’s how it should be if the information is credible, something Ford’s story seems to have trouble with.

Schumer then asks why Republicans are deviating from it because it’s not a criminal trial. Although, if you spend time on social media, then you’ll see that Republican supporters are all for it. They want the truth to come out. It doesn’t appear that anyone is deviating from anything coming from Ford’s story.

If anything, it’s the opposite. Ford was given a chance to speak on Monday, but declined, and made it seem like Monday was not possible.
Now she’s scheduled to testify on Thursday and it’s unknown if she’ll show up. Even Diane Feinstein, who was originally sent the letter by Ford, was quoted on saying “I have no way of knowing” regarding Ford appearing on Thursday, as provided by Peter Doocy.

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Schumer continued talking about the two completely different stories, meaning that of Kavanaugh and Ford. Someone in the small audience asked Schumer about the presumption of innocence relating to Kavanaugh. Schumer responded with “there is no presumption of innocence or guilt” because it’s not a criminal trial.

Watch Schumer on video.

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What Schumer forgets is that it may not be a criminal trial, but sexual assault is a crime and throwing false accusations at someone can ruin their life, career, or even end up in people taking their own lives.

Ford’s accusations and story don’t need to be pushed in a criminal trial in order for Kavanaugh to warrant the presumption of innocence.

Everyone who is accused of a possibly fabricated story like Ford’s deserves the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

Ford’s story is very shaky and the timing of it reaks of a circus act turned into a character assassination plot.

Schumer also stated that they should get to the bottom of the situation and find the facts as well as let the FBI do their job. However, Kavanaugh has already been thoroughly vetted and it appears as though the FBI has no interest in investigating the allegations on Kavanaugh, from Ford.

The GOP is giving the Democrat what they want and Ford has had her time extended, but she and her team keep making ridiculous requests.

It’s time for Ford to testify and get this over with.

Kavanaugh shouldn’t have to deal with this.

We can see right through it and it smells of anti-Trump nonsense dripping from the clown car filled of Democrats.

Why don’t the FBI check Ford’s bank accounts?

Is someone paying her?

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